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I feel really bad, but...I have to agree. Didn't get very far because it was difficult to read. If you guys need help with grammar and whatnot, I'd be willing to help since I have some experience with renpy. This looks like a super good game, the grammar unfortunately makes it unreadable.

I haven't played this yet, but judging from the previous comment, I'm less inclined to now because I'm a huge grammar freak. 

If you guys need a proofreader, I'd be up for the job! I'm not a native speaker,  but I've lived in the US most of my life and  consider myself pretty fluent in English.


Wow, I bought this and I was really excited to play but... the grammar is terrible. I couldn't keep playing because it's so hard to read. And I'm not even an English native speaker, so... I'm really disappointed.